Shaun Michael Goldsmith (Screenwriter / Story Analyst / Script Consultant)

Parallax: a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight.

I am your Parallax Lens.


From a different lens, constructive analysis presented clearly and concisely. Providing the necessary and distinct perspective on your intellectual property whether screenplay, teleplay, treatment, synopsis or logline.

Critical feedback necessary to make crucial decisions on your writing career. A highly structured writing process with emphasis on concept, story, characterization, narrative and dialogue.

Possessing a keen, critical eye for detail. An experienced reader for both production companies and contests.


Not simply coverage, but in-depth analysis designed to guide you along the next phase of your writing career whether working on an early draft or polishing for submission to a production company or contest.


The goal: to enhance your writing and editing skills, bringing your work into focus – getting noticed, getting read and getting sold.

A private screenwriting analyst since 2012 with a minimalist-style and strong, visual flair. Lean and economic, as evidenced in my feature length screenplay, “The Death Squad” (Nicholl Fellowship-Semi-Finalist /2014).


Highly trained, private story analyst and script consultant since 2012.  Co-producer and writer of the upcoming feature length thriller, “Cold Autumn.”



Script Reader II Pomegranate Pictures 

Script Reader II Nashville Film Festival II Screenwriting Contest 

Script Reader II Cedarvale Pictures    

Script Reader II Vail Film Festival II Screenwriting Contest 

Private Script Consultant 


"Cold Autumn"


Co-producer/Writer II Heartrock Pictures Inc. II 2017




“The Death Squad”

Script of the Week II Talentville II June 2017

Semi Finalist II Nicholl Fellowship II 2014

Finalist II Reel Movies II 2014

Finalist II Write Movies II 2014

“Cold Autumn”  

Quarter-Finalist II Write Movies.com II 2015

Finalist II Reel Movies II 2015


Educational Qualifications


George Brown College


LIBA 9086 Screenwriting I II Write Your Own Screenplay II September – December 2000

Instructor: Nika Rylski


LIBA 9091 Screenwriting II  II January – March 2001

Instructor: Nika Rylski


Raindance Canada Film Labs


The Saturday Film School II April 2012

Instructor: Eliot Grove     


Low Budget Filmmaking II May 2012

Instructor: Eliot Grove     


Script Supervision and Continuity II September 2014

Instructor: Daniela Saloni                         


Director and Cinematography Workshop II February 2015

Instructor: Daniel Oron

Comedy Intensive Workshop II March 2015

Instructor: Steve Kaplan  


Pitching Skills Workshop II April 2015

Instructor: Maria Cordoni


TV Showrunner Workshop II September 2015

Instructor: Daniel Oron


Raindance Canada Certificate Courses


Cinematography Foundation Certificate II April 2012

Instructor: Sarah Moffat


Web Series Foundation Certificate II January 2015

Instructor: Mike Fly


Documentary Foundation Certificate II February 2015

Instructor: Chuck Scott


Producer’s Foundation Certificate II March 2015

Instructor: Elliot Grove     


TV Writer’s Foundation Certificate II April 2015

Instructor: Jennifer Cowan


Screenwriting Foundation Certificate II June 2015

Instructor: Michael Sparaga


Director’s Foundation Certificate II August 2015

Instructor: Annie Bradley




Judge II 1st Annual University of Toronto Film Festival II March 2016

Featured Speaker II University of Toronto Film Club II February 2016

Presenter II 2nd Annual Wasaga Beach Film Festival II January 2013








Photo By Laura Polischuik